Life is better In the Garden

An elephant ear plant in King's Navy Yard Park.

Live the Garden Life. Stop and smell the flowers in the Kings Navy Yard Park and take a drive around town to all of our beautiful gardens! Gardens create clean air, habitats for wildlife, reduce carbon emissions, create a lively and beautiful atmosphere and bring communities together. Amherstburg has a variety of beautiful gardens spread throughout the community that continue to grow and shine every year!

Whether you already enjoy gardening, recently discovered the pleasure of spending time in a garden, or want to learn more about how gardens impact so much of life, there’s something for everyone to commemorate our country’s rich garden heritage, and create important legacies for a sustainable future.

The Kings Navy Yard Park

Blooming flowers in a public garden.

Canadas Garden Route

The Kings Navy Yard park, signature Hosta garden, gateway gardens along with lots of other great Amherstburg gardens are listed on the official Canadas Garden Route!

Take a walk through the list of Amherstburg gardens and experience an array of exquisite plants complimented by historical sites. Experience the peace found in Amherstburg’s pampered gardens and the adventure of the town’s museums, shops and galleries!

The Kings Navy Yard Park

The Kings Navy Yard Park is 10.5 acres with a dedicated Bicentennial International Peace Garden, Hosta Garden, Rhododendron Collection and more. Breathe in the fresh air and watch the boats go by on the water. Amherstburg is proud to showcase beautifully shaped gardens with a wide arrange of colorful flowers, tall trees and blooming plants.

Hosta Garden

Hosta Garden

Hosta's and Rhodoendrons Around Every Corner

In Amherstburg’s Signature Hosta Garden there are currently 202 Hosta varieties with fun names in this exquisitely marked and documented garden. Hundreds of varieties of Hostas are available today and unique species are continually added to the King’s Navy Yard Garden from time to time.

Amherstburg is home to the second largest rhododendron collection in Ontario. Found in our town’s award-winning King’s Navy Yard Park, these blooms provide the perfect backdrop for pictures or an afternoon picnic! Some of the most magnificent varieties create these whimsical clouds of color reaching over six and a half feet tall!

Plant Purple Amherstburg

Purple is the official color theme for gardens in 2023! Why purple? Purple has a variety of effects on the mind and body, including uplifting spirits, calming the mind, enhanced feelings of spirituality and encouraging imagination and creativity. From lilacs to coneflowers, let’s paint Amherstburg purple!