Rhododendrons Bursting with Colour!

Rhododendrons at King's Navy Yard Park


Amherstburg is home to the second largest rhododendron collection in Ontario. Found in our town’s award-winning King’s Navy Yard Park, these blooms provide the perfect backdrop for pictures or an afternoon picnic!

The growing season for the rhododendrons beings early May and continues to mid-June, with spring weather influencing the bloom rate. The small leaf rhododendron varieties, such as the Pink Weston Diamond, vibrant Purple Legacy, and aptly named April Snow, kick off the season. As the days warm, you will notice the large leaf rhododendron begin to pop! Lake Ontario Purple is striking and the John T. Meagher variety showcases a white bloom with a caramel flair. Some of the most magnificent varieties create these whimsical clouds of colour reaching over six and a half feet tall, as displayed by the Nova Zembla which is red and the Ben Mosley which is white with a golden flair.

Amherstburg – although unlikely – creates unique growing conditions for these Rhododendrons, which require a very precise environment of warm temperatures and raised sandy soil beds. Be sure to catch them before they disappear; best enjoyed with a coffee or ice cream in hand!