Visit King’s Navy Yard Park – a Historic Gem!

King's Navy Yard Park


Known for its award-winning gardens, there is one outdoor space in Amherstburg that visitors should be sure not to bypass: the King’s Navy Yard Park. Something like a dramatic set from Game of Thrones in eras past, this 10.5-acre park mirrors the Navy Yard from 1796, it was responsible for the construction of several Provincial War Ships that fought in the War of 1812. Significant watercrafts built include: the Camden, General Hope, General Hunter, Francis, Maria, Queen Charlotte, Lady Prevost, Detroit, Eliza and the General Myers.

The park’s riverfront property was also used for rope making which, at times, required sailors to span the entire Town while stretching and producing the rope!



Uniquely, the park boasts four historical buildings, each of which reminds visitors of battles won (and lost) to save our country! One remarkable structure is the Commissariat which is the staging post for Ontario’s largest Provincial Marine Re-enactment group. It was once the place where soldiers picked up stipends for their services.

Be sure to stop by the Gordon House, which was once utilized as an infirmary for the provincial marine and birthing house for their wives, but now houses the town’s Tourist Information Center. You can pick up your illustrative map here and browse all the “hot spots” to visit in the Town of Amherstburg.