Art Scene in the Burg

2022 Community Mosaic Mural

2022 Amherstburg Community Mosaic Mural Project

Indoor - Community Mosiac Mural Project

In 2022 the Amerstburg Community Mural Project took submissions both online and in-person starting July 1st on Canada Day of 300 warm browns, hot reds and blue art piece submissions from the Amherstburg Community. Amherstburg community members came together to design pieces of art that were put together to create the beautiful mural that can be seen on the walls of the Libro Centre today.

66 Richmond St Mural

Post Office Mural downtown Amherstburg

Outdoor - 66 Richmond St Mural

This new stunning giant mural located at 66 Richmond street showcases the Boblo boat, a Murray street building and references to our towns natural connections including its bird watching popularity. The mural done by DERKZ mixes warm tones and cool tones together beautifully, stop and admire this piece as you walk down Richmond Street.

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