Art Scene in the Burg

Amherstburg's Art Scene in the Burg event.

Art Scene in the Burg “Search and Find”

Art in Amherstburg has been growing every year. Beautiful murals by local artists, painted hydrants by local students and artwork in the streets provided by Art Windsor Essex can be found all over downtown Amherstburg. Art is alive and well in Amherstburg. It’s contributing to making the town both a better place to live and a real tourism destination. Discover and explore our Art Scene in the Burg.

Using our “Search and Find” you can explore all of downtown Amherstburgs street art. Print off our search and find card or pick one up from the Gordon House and start exploring. Stay tuned for more art highlights in the community!

Check out our Mural Map Here

Or Pick up a “Search and Find” card at the Gordon House, 266 Dalhousie Street.


Our River Our Home Mural by artists Dylan and Dennis White

Our River Our Home Mural

Our River Our Home Mural – Kings Navy Yard Park (252 Dalhousie St)

The Natural Heritage and Culture mural above can be found in the King’s Navy Yard Park. It was painted by local Artists Dennis and Dylan White in 2021 and depicts the unique history and wildlife found along Amherstburg’s waterfront.

The Detroit River is one of our most unique natural and cultural heritage features. Always present, the River has been the lifeblood of communities long before European settlement and will continue to be for centuries to come. The River has two very distinct designations; Wildlife Refuge and an International Heritage River shared by both Canada and the United States.

The Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge consists of nearly 6,000 acres of unique habitat, including islands, coastal wetlands, marshes, shoals and waterfront lands, extending along 77 km of shoreline on both sides of the international border.

The Detroit River is a significant continental migration corridor for many wildlife species including fish, birds, bats and insects. Evident in spring, you will witness songbirds moving North through King’s Navy Yard Park or Silver Bass rolling near shore. In the fall you will see Kettles of Hawks high overhead or the constant flutter of Monarch Butterflies winging their way South to Mexico.

This mural depicts the many once abundant species returning to traditional habitats in and along the Detroit River such as Barn Swallows, Bald Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Otter, Beaver, Lake White Fish, Blue Heron, Green Heron, Canada Goose, Red-tail Hawk, Ring-billed Gull, Lake Sturgeon, Red-ear Sunfish, Snapping Turtle, Pickerel.

The International Heritage River designation identifies the Detroit River as the southern-most Canadian river within our national Heritage River System. It sustained the livelihood of the Indigenous, European settlement and military exploits. The River was a passage for those escaping slavery and the intriguing lawless days of rum-running. Emerging industry, shipping, fishing and fowling were all supported by the River. Today it is the busiest international crossing in North America and plays a huge economic role in the movement of goods and commerce.

This project was made possible by a generous contribution by Richard and Colleen Peddie.

General Amherst Murals restored by artist Jason Dyrda

Historical Murals on General Amherst High School

General Amherst Murals (130 Sandwich St)

These nine mural panels were created using a unique application of granolux.

The panels depict the history that helped form Amherstburg and a story of life from the 1800s. The images are simple in appearance, using solid bold colours. In 2012, prior to the Town’s commemoration of the War of 1812, these images were carefully revitalized using the same granolux technique to ensure their original condition was preserved and they could continue to be a beacon of Amherstburgs history.

River Bookshop Murals (67 Richmond St)

The River Bookshop , located at 67 Richmond St., has been lovingly restored to its original 135 year old beauty, painted white with architectural elements in black. However, the show stopper is the contrasting east side of the building which is adorned with a rainbow coloured open book exploding with hundreds of images. The mural ‘Books are Magic’ was done by local artist David Creed. The artwork is fittingly accompanied by the quote, “A Word after a word after a word is power”, Margaret Attwood.

If the artwork on the outside doesn’t draw you in, be sure to check out the artwork inside…the printed word and painted canvases alike!



by artist David Creed

River Bookshop outdoor mural of a book open with ideas flowing out

Dreams by International Muralist DERKZ

Art Scene in the Burg DERKZ River Bookshop Mural


On the corner of Richmond and Ramsay St. you’ll see amazing the mural ‘Dreams’ done by International Muralist DERKZ depicting the beauty of opening ones mind and a celebration of our local wildlife.

Tecumseh by Naomi Peters

General Tecumseh Mural

Amherstburg’s Art Alley (off Ramsay St.)

Amherstburg’s art alley is growing into a colourful space to walk, view, and get inspired. Filled with colourful renditions of historical moments and figures, it blends the past with the present. The murals in the alley include:

Tecumseh by Naomi Peters (248 Ramsay St.)

Tecumseh Portrait by Dylan White (63 Richmond St.)

Land Acknowledgement by Naomi Peters (248 Ramsay St.)

A Touch of Nature by Derkz (248 Ramsay St)

66 Richmond Street Mural by DERKZ

Post Office Mural downtown Amherstburg

66 Richmond Street Mural

This new stunning giant mural located at 66 Richmond street showcases the Boblo boat, a Murray street building and references to our towns natural connections including its bird watching popularity. The mural done by DERKZ mixes warm tones and cool tones together beautifully, stop and admire this piece as you walk down Richmond Street. This mural was made possible by Pipers Port.

Community Mosaic Mural 2022

2022 Amherstburg Community Mosaic Mural Project

Community Mosaic Mural Project (3295 Meloche Rd.)

In 2022, the Amerstburg Community Mural Project took submissions both online and in-person starting July 1st on Canada Day of 300 warm browns, hot reds and blue art piece submissions from the Amherstburg Community. Amherstburg community members came together to design pieces of art that were put together to create the beautiful mural that can be seen on the walls of the Libro Centre today.


Community Mosaic Mural Project 2021

Amherstburg's Community Mosaic Mural depicts stacked hands, symbolizing unity.

Community Mosaic Mural Project (320 Richmond St.)

In 2021, the Amerstburg Community Mural Project was held virtually due to the pandemic that began in 2020. Amherstburg proved stronger than ever in their efforts to support local business, not-for-profits and engage in caremongering groups through social media. Amherstburg community members came together and connected virtually to design pieces of art that were put together to create the beautiful mural that can be seen on the walls of the Amherstburg Community Hub today.


Range Light by Dennis White - Kings Navy Yard Park (252 Dalhousie St.)

Dennis White reimagined KNYP’s range light, painting all five of the panels.

The paintings depict scenes from the past that would have surrounded the range light in its location in the park throughout history. A few of these pictures include boat building and rope making, the Canada Customs dock, along with the Boblo dock.

Range Light by Dennis White

Range light in King's Navy Yard Park

Street Art

Students Painting Amherstburgs Fire Hydrants

General Amherst Students painting fire hydrants

Amherstburg's Fire Hydrants

You may notice something different about the fire hydrants in Amherstburg’s downtown district. In 2012, in commemoration of Canada’s 150th birthday, eleven fire hydrants were artistically painted by a class of local high school students.

The imagery on the hydrants was carefully chosen to reflect Canada’s diverse culture. A few include hockey players, provinces, coloured shapes mirroring the Canada 150 logo, and scenes from Canadian history. To view map of all hydrant locations.

Richmond Centre Art Alley

In the alley between Richmond St. and Murray St. lies Richmond Centre Art Alley, a developing space of murals and historic mementos of Amherstburg’s past such as photographs and postcards. These photos represent varying aspects of our town’s history with each image that lines the walkway.

A list of featured photographs and their moments include:

Murray Street looking west from Ramsay Street, circa 1910. Photograph by Louis James Pesha, Michigan photographer

River View of Amherstburg, circa 1910. The photo was taken in the vicinity of the present-day King’s Navy Yard Park looking south. Wigle’s mill is visible in the background. Coal docks line the waterfront.

Dalhousie Street looking south from Richmond Street, circa 1911.

Passengers board the S.W.& A. streetcar on Richmond Street, 1911. Photo is taken looking east from Dalhousie Street. Photograph by Louis James Pesha, Michigan photographer.

View of the dance pavilion on Bob-Lo Island, circa 1915.

Four children on the north side of the earthworks at Fort Malden National Historic site, pre-1920. The large building shows the north side of the frame barracks. These barracks were divided into three homes and moved onto Laird Avenue.

Brunner Mond workers standing in front of the first shipment of soda ash, 1919.

The Albert Fox Livery on Richmond Street, circa 1910. Fox operated the stage between Amherstburg and Windsor, and Gordon and Amherstburg.PC26- Dalhousie Street looking north from Murray, 1908. The waterworks tower is visible in the background. P2939- Bois Blanc Island lighthouse, built in 1836.

Look Again! Outside: Amherstburg

Amherstburg has paired up with Art Windsor Essex to stop visitors in their tracks with eight artwork reproductions from The Group of Seven along with local artist Mary Celestino. These paintings can be found spread around the downtown core and throughout our beautiful Navy Yard.

“Look Again! Outside: Amherstburg” was created by Art Windsor Essex to support cultural vibrancy and growing tourism on our beautiful downtown waterfront. They feature Canadian landscapes done in oil or acrylic such as Vancouver island, Lake Cognashene and Pembina Valley. The artwork adds color and character to our town.


268 Dalhousie: Untitled by Kenneth Saltmarche

242 Dalhousie: Cormorant Colony, middle island by Mary Celestino

214 Dalhousie: Lake Cognashe by Ay Jackson

66 Richmond: White Birches by Tom Thomson

244 Ramsey:  A side street by Lawren Stewart Harris

Navy Yard Park: Morning Light by Elio Del Col

Navy Yard Park: Lament by Charles Comfort

Navy Yard Park: Belle Isle Bridge and River Boat by Thomas Roach

This collection is up for a limited time so make sure you check it out before it’s gone!

To learn more visit AWE

View video description by Community Partner, Richard Peddie


Reproduction of Lake Cognashene by A. Y. Jackson.

Musicland Artwork - Dennis White

Musicland Storefront Artwork

Musicland Storefront Artwork

On the front of the newly renovated refreshed Musicland on Richmond Street you can find two beautifully painted pianos along the walls done by artist Dennis White. The front door is painted with a music note and a guitar arm serves as the door handle. These great creative artwork additions were added to make Musicland look more like a music store and to invite people to come in to create and express themselves through music. Stop by and check out their beautiful storefront on your walk around downtown Amherstburg. The artwork gives a distinct nod to the Beatles.


Provincial Marine Monument

Provincial marines monument

Provincial Marine Monument – Feel the sweat!

Life size statues show intense emotion where you can actually see the sweat on the men depicted in this riveting bronze monument. Honoring Canada’s first Navy which is Amherstburgs very own, the Provincial Marine, this installation depicts the heroic efforts of marine engagement during the Battle of Lake Erie (1813). The vignette is created by local sculptor Mark Williams and is a spectacular backdrop for amazing photo ops along the waterfront in Kings Navy Yard Park.

Bring your camera!

LOCATION: King’s Navy Yard Park, 218 Dalhousie Street, Amherstburg, ON

Forged Peace Monument

Forged Peace Monument

Artist Joe DeAngelis original sketch of the Forged Peace Monument

Forged peace Sketch

Forged Peace Monument

Peace-ing our history together.

Out of War, peace was indeed forged during the Amherstburg celebrations of the War of 1812 Bicentennial (1812-2012). In 2011, local artist Joe DeAngelis, lecturer and professor at the School of Visual Arts at the University of Windsor was commissioned to design, sculpt and cast the Forged Peace Monument.

This monument is a tribute to the bond that ties our great nation; Canada, with the military events that took place with our American friends. In partnership with sister city Put in Bay, Ohio, Munroe, Michigan, The Amherstburg Chamber of Commerce and The Amherstburg Rotary Club #6400, the monument with its three muskets, roses and feather symbolize the paths that our Indigenous people and forefathers/mothers forged so that we can now enjoy peace, friendship and the longest, undefended border in the world! A time capsule awaits unveiling within.

Stay tuned for more outside artwork coming soon!