Wine Not? Check Out these great Amherstburg Wineries!

Nothing says high class and full of culture like a glass of wine and Amherstburg is a place that can offer you just that. Not only do these places provide you with a nice glass of red or white (whatever your choosing), but they also contain a rich family heritage, tradition, and history that shouldn’t be missed.

A vineyard in Amherstburg.

One of the most popular wineries in Amherstburg is the famous Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery. Located at 7258 Country Road 50 West, this winery started out as the dream of Hannah and Gord Mitchell. Nestled on a 52-acre farm on the coast of Lake Erie, the winery’s picturesque views make this a hotspot for local events, parties, and wedding celebrations. The style of the vineyard replicates the beauty of Tuscany. As for the wine, Sprucewood Shores grows vines that make a variety of reds and whites – such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, and Merlot, having something to satisfy any taste.

Sanson Estate Winery

Maybe you want something that’s not as grand, but quieter. If that’s the case, why not check out Sanson Estate Winery. This winery has lots for you to sample, including their Autumn Harvest Vidal, or their Rancher’s White. However, one that should be top of your list is their Bird Dog Red, which was voted best Baco Noir in Canada. If you’re looking for a bite to eat with your new favourite red, the winery offers samples of meat to pair with their wines. Stop by their location on 9238 Walker Road, and make sure to call ahead to find out their tasting hours.

Vivace Estate Winery


Take a country drive to Vivace Estate Winery. Chances are, you will meet the young entrepreneur of Vivace Estate Winery, who invites you to experience wine-tasting at its most enjoyable in an atmosphere of casual elegance. Their VQA wines are produced in a viniculture climate, creating wines such as their Sonatina, Blanc de Blanc, Brilliante Rose, and even their Vidal Icewine. Visit their location at 5141 Concession Road 5N.

Dancing Swallows Vineyard

Dancing Swallows 6 wine selection

Dancing Swallows Vineyard

The latest winery to open in Amherstburg is Dancing Swallows Vineyard, located at 8704 Essex Road 9 (Howard Ave.) on a family farm that has went through many changes since the Hutchins’ first located there in 1881. Each bottle of their small batch wines feature original art of Swallows in flight. The varieties include Baco Noir, Riesling, Chardonnay, and Cabernet. A visit to this heritage farm under the large maple trees with a unique outdoor tasting lounge, a reconditioned shipping container, is an experience to remember.