Amherstburg Open Air Weekends 2021 Business Toolkit

People dining outside.

Council and Administration have recognized the challenges that the pandemic has presented for local businesses and the need to offer alternative solutions to allow our businesses to continue to operate under the current provincial COVID response framework. The Amherstburg Open Air Weekend Program allows local businesses to establish temporary seasonal patios and merchandise sale areas utilizing sidewalk or on-street space adjacent to businesses within the downtown core. In preparation for the upcoming 2021 spring/summer season, please review the attached toolkit and necessary documents for the Open Air Weekend Program. The open streets will accommodate pedestrians and additional space for operations as it relates to physical distancing.

Any business wishing to display merchandise, set up a display or extend their restaurant/licensed area on Town owned property needs to fill out the Application for Temporary Encroachment Form and submit to

Patio Heaters, Open Flame Appliances and Propane Cylinders

Please review the TSSA Patio Heater Guidelines to fully understand the do’s and don’ts for using patios heaters, open flame appliances and propane cylinders. These elements are permitted within the patio, provided they do not exceed 10 feet in height and the use and location has been approved by the Fire Department. Contact Fire at


patio heater

Please note, that provincial and local restrictions and regulations may affect business operations and the ability to operate the Open Air Program throughout the 2021 season.