Celebrate Mom! Charcuterie Workshop – Terra Green

  • May 12t, 7pm
  • 263 Dalhousie St
  • 226-621-0102

Celebrate Mom! Charcuterie Workshop - Terra Green

Bring your favorite Mother figure into your life and gather at Terra Green for good food and good company on May 12th.
Tickets include:

  • Homemade mocktail refreshments
  • Detailed instructions and a step-by-step guide on how to prepare your own charcuterie platter (including seasonal influenced tips for fall and winter entertaining)
  • One-on-one guide from a charcuterie and tablespace expert in charcuterie
  • Sampling and education on locally sourced ingredients
  • A finished charcuterie creation on either a plate or board to either indulge in or take home to share with loved ones.

Register now before spots run out!

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