Art and Pottery Demonstartions at Open Air

  • June 25th, 12-3pm
  • Downtown Amherstburg
  • 519-736-2826
john paul bondy

June 25th 12-3pm, July 9th 3-6pm and September 3rd 12-3pm- John Paul Bondy Pottery Demonstrations

John Paul Bondy will be doing pottery demonstrations at Amherstburg’s Open Air by the clock tower on the corner of Richmond and Dalhousie Street on June 25th from 12-3pm, July 9th from 3-6pm and September 3rd from 12-3pm.
John-Paul is a lifelong resident of Amherstburg. He started his journey with pottery ten years ago when his father’s pottery wheel from the 1970’s was returned to him as a gift. Over the last six years John-Paul has taught pottery at the art clubs of two high schools in Windsor where he works as an Educational Assistant. He has recently started giving pottery lessons in his new home studio the Pink House Pottery in downtown Amherstburg.
So come down and see some great demonstrations!

July 2nd 12-3pm - Lisa Bassett Children's Maple Leaf Wand Craft

Lisa Bassett is an Amherstburg resident that loves art and went to Fanshawe College for the Fine Arts program. Lisa graduated from Early Childhood Education at St Clair College and worked as an ECE in a toddler classroom up until COVID. Now, Lisa focuses on trying to bring more art into the community in Amherstburg by creating a Night Guild at the Gibson Gallery. This created an opportunity for artist who may not be able to attend the guilds during the day. Lisa is looking forwrad to implementing more programs to inspire people to make art and express themselves individually in a creative way!

homemade glass beads

September 3rd 12-3pm – Morgan Deschaine Lampworking Demonstration

I’m a 29 year old Developmental Support Worker by day and a lampwork artist by night. I am also completing my bachelors of social work! I live in a small town called Amherstburg in Ontario, Canada and I’ve lived here my entire life.
The number one questions I always get asked…. “How did you learn how to do this!?”
My family and I were vacationing in Northern Ontario when we came across an interesting looking motel. Very bright and colourful it caught our attention. We stopped in to check it out, the owner had her lampworking studio attached to the hotel open for wanderers to stop in.
As soon as I stepped foot inside her studio my life forever changed. Her beads and sculptures very bright and whimsical, they amazed me. She was very kind and down to earth, she did a lampwork demo for myself and my family and talked to me about how she worked her magic on the torch. We browsed through all of her beautiful artwork and I bought a lovely orange pendent with a little yellow flower that I still treasure to this day.
I was about 14 years old at this time and I never forgot about this magical art form.
Two years went by and at the age of 16 I did some research and found Essex Stained Glass Studio in Essex, Ontario. The owner, Liz assured me she had a wonderful lampwork artist I could take a lesson with. I saved up my hard earn pennies and took a lampworking lesson!
Of course I was in my glory. It was one of the best things that’s ever happened to me in my entire life. I knew I loved the art of lampwork as soon as I hopped on the torch.


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