Celebrating Black History Month in Amherstburg

February is Black History month, a dedicated time to participate in honouring the legacies and accomplishments of Black individuals and their respective communities. To acknowledge this month, Amherstburg Freedom Museum has partnered with River Bookshop to put on ‘Centuries of Progress: A Celebration of Black History Month’ featuring local events to educate, uplift, and commemorate Black Excellence.

Amherstburg Freedom Museum brochure

Events in Amherstburg for Black History Month 2024

Feb 1st, 5:30pm @ Amherstburg Freedom Museum

Book Launch: ‘Black Activist, Black Scientist, Black Icon’

Amherstburg’s Freedom Museum in parternship with River Bookshop is hosting a free-to-attend book launch for Dr. Howard D. McCurdy’s autobiography: ‘Black Activist, Black Scientist, Black Icon.’ Joining Dr. McCurdy is guests Dr. George Elliott Clarke and Dr. Brenda McCurdy, with Moderator Sheila Barker.


Feb 3rd, 3:00pm @ Amherstburg Freedom Museum

WSO Concert: Singing with Flo

Join, listen, and sing along with vocalist Flo Ndimubandi, backed by the Windsor Symphony Orchestra and talented singers of the Windsor Essex Youth Choir at Amherstburg’s Freedom Museum for a powerful concert highlighting brilliant black composers and musicians.

Tickets are $5 a person and can be purchased on WSO’s website here.


Feb 17th, 2:00pm @ Amherstburg Freedom Museum

Panel Discussion: A Converstation about Women’s Empowerment and Community Engagement

Amherstburg’s Freedom museum and River Bookshop are hosting a discussion with panelists Irene Moore Davis, Shantelle Browning-Morgan, Rose Anguiano Hurst, Kaitlyn Ellsworth, Leslie McCurdy, and Moderator Cari-Lynn Ristic. This is a free and enriching event.


Feb 23rd, 7:30pm @ Nazrey A.M.E Church at Amherstburg Freedom Museum

WSO Concert: Korin Thomas-Smith Sings Mozart

Korin Thomas-Smith is joining the Windsor Symphony Orchestra for a special presentation of classic pieces from Jean-Philippe Rameau’s Platee opera, featuring arrangements such as Marriage of Figaro.

Tickets are $35 a person and can be purchased on WSO’s website here.