Art in the Streets of Amherstburg

You may notice something different about the fire hydrants in Amherstburg’s downtown district. Eleven fire hydrants have been artistically painted by local high school students in commemoration of Canada’s 150th birthday.

The imagery on the hydrants was carefully chosen to reflect Canada’s diverse culture. Hockey players, provinces, coloured shapes mirroring the Canada 150 logo and scenes from Canadian history appear as the artists’ subject matter.

Stop by The Gordon House Visitor Centre to receive a map outlining the location of all 11 fire hydrants, which are all within walking distance of one another. A fun way to explore Amherstburg!

While hunting down these 11 hydrants you will come across another art project that was created from 1964 to 1967 and is prominently displayed on the back of the Town’s high school, overlooking Toddy Jones Park. These nine mural panels were created using a unique application of granolux.

The panels depict the history of Amherstburg and a story or life from the 1800s. The images are simple in appearance, using solid bold colours. In 2012, prior to the Town’s commemoration of the War of 1812, these images were carefully revitalized using the same granolux technique to ensure their original condition was preserved and they could continue to be a beacon of Amherstburg’s history.