As a visitor, don’t be surprised if you come across an #AburgROCK during your travels. You will know you have found one when you spot a colourful work of art on a rather simple rock. The creator has lovingly painted these rocks as a gift to the finder. You are welcome to re-hide the rock, replace the rock with your own rocking artwork, or take the rock home with you to enjoy or to hide in your own community.

Amherstburg’s downtown has many of these hidden surprises. The initiative started in spring 2017 has sustained the test of time to become part of the community’s culture. Residents of all ages and abilities have taken the time to infuse a simple rock with creativity. These works of art have been hidden throughout Amherstburg’s iconic parks, downtown, and residential playgrounds. Many of these rocks are colourfully painted and have inspiring messages on them, bringing joy to the lucky finder.

Beautifully painted rocks