5 Must-See Attractions On Foot

Being walkable is what makes Amherstburg unique! Here are five must-see locations that will take you on an exploration of our Nation’s history.

Fort Malden National Historic Site


Fort Malden National Historic Site has you experiencing what military life was like over 200 years ago. The Fort played an important role in both the War of 1812 and the Rebellion of 1837. At this site, you have the opportunity to start your day with a blast or experience lunch with an authentic soldier’s stew.

Park House Museum


Walking in historic downtown Amherstburg, you are sure to pass the Park House Museum on Dalhousie Street. This 1700’s home was restored in 1850’s style and tells the story of a well-to-do family. Here you will find incredible tinware treasures, which are sought after by museums world-wide and by movie production companies. Perhaps you saw a few pieces on the TV series Alias Grace, by regional author Margaret Atwood.

Gibson Art Gallery

Gibson Gallery

If art peaks your interest, Amherstburg has successfully coupled it with the early industrial era of the Michigan Railroad station. Visit the Gibson Art Gallery and enjoy the showcased artwork, unique crafts for sale or just acquaint yourself with the historic train station and caboose that make this site fascinating.

Amherstburg Freedom Museum

Through all of Amherstburg’s history, it is most proud of its connection to the Underground Railroad. Amherstburg was the primary crossing point for those slaves seeking freedom. The Amherstburg Freedom Museum preserves our region’s Black Heritage and showcases remarkable trailblazers. Our favourite story is that of Elijah McCoy.

King's Navy Yard Park

navy yard park

After exploring Amherstburg’s museums and galleries you must make time for the King’s Navy Yard Park, found in the heart of historic downtown Amherstburg. This park was once the King’s Naval Yard, where several tall ships were made on this shore of the Detroit River. Today this park is adorned with spectacular flower arrangements that only pale to the unbelievably vibrant sunsets.

For those who may be more adventurous, check out our Olde Amherstburg Ghost Tour, where you can use your smartphone to experience more than 13 unique stories and locations about Amherstburg’s history?