Lot 10: The New Brew on the Block

Whether you are a craft beer enthusiast, or if you’re just looking to grab a quick pint, Amherstburg has lots to offer you. Lot 10 Brewery is the new brew on the block, opening its doors to its new location at 263 Dalhousie Street, right in the middle of historic downtown Amherstburg. This new addition to the town’s beer scene combines a rustic modern ambiance and craft beers that offer a variety of flavours and styles, sure to please all beer drinkers alike.

The rich history of Lot 10 dates back over 200 years ago, to the year 1798. This Lot was the home to William Flemming and his family, who sailed the waters during the war of 1812. After Flemming’s death, the Lot was owned by others, until it was taken over by George Bullock in 1839. Bullock used the land to open, “Bullock’s Tavern”, and eventually an adjacent hotel. Two years later in 1841, Bullock would sell Lot 10.

What would happen to Lot 10? Over the next few decades, the Lot would be the home of many small shops, bakeries, barbers, bookstores, and more. Fast forwarding to 2019, Lot 10 is now reopened as a local brewery, adding to Amherstburg’s beer, wine, and spirit scene.

Today, Lot 10 is bringing back the tradition and history of a local brewing company. You can try out seven craft beers they have on tap. These beers range in flavours and strength, and are meant to be easy drinking ales, meaning you’re sure to find something that speaks to you. If you’re a purest at heart, start with one of their traditional beers, such as their Rivertown blonde, Thirsty Soldier Pale Ale, or Thrift Shop Stout. Perhaps you would prefer something unique, a beer that is slightly sweet? If that is the case, check out their seasonal drinks like the Pinky Pledge Raspberry Wheat beer or the One Hundred and Fifty-Two Candles Coffee Maple, oh Canada!

On top of their beers on tap, Lot 10 has a menu of “brew bites” to accompany their drinks. Their current menu features sharable appetizers, panini sandwiches, chips and dip, and a charcuterie board featuring different meats, cheeses, pickled asparagus and olives.

What makes Lot 10 unique? Whether it is enjoying your home cooked meal or a delivered meal right to the Lot 10 door, they give their guests the option to create their own culinary experience. Yup! That’s right, you are welcome to bring your own food to enjoy with their crafty creations. However, for those under 19 years of age or those with a nostalgic palette, enjoy a flight of Pop Shoppe flavours!

Lot 10 strives to be a new cool hangout place for the Town of Amherstburg. They want to offer you a new place to experience exceptional craft drinks in a hip environment that showcases its history with a modern decor. Be sure to check them out and enjoy this new tap house in Amherstburg.