Phantoms of the Canard Tour

  • Every Friday & Saturday in October, 2020 at 8pm
  • 9350 Malden Road
  • 519-734-8558

Take a trip with us through history as we light our lanterns and head off on a walking and Riverboat adventure in River Canard. Listen to the gruesome tales, mysterious happenings and scary events that have occurred all around us as we walk through cemeteries and travel along the river.

Native Burial Sites
The story of Chief Tecumseh
The heroic history of Hancock and Dean
River witches
Get acquainted with the pivotal role of River Canard Bridge in the War of 1812
Explore local legends and unexplained events

Recommended you reserve tickets.
$25 adults / $20 for 16 and under.
Must be at least 10 years old.

Most tours operate Friday or Saturday Evenings at 8pm and private tour times available weeknights.

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