Adventure Tour on the River Canard

  • Sundays, June 21 to August 29, 2020 2pm-4pm
  • 9350 Malden Road
  • (519) 734-8558
Detroit River

Enjoy the Adventure Tour aboard the Frontenac river boat for a two hour tour into the upper sections of the River Canard and Cahill Creek. Wildlife abounds with beaver, fish jumping , snakes, turtles, eagles and osprey. See the River mansions, two islands, on a calm quiet lazy river.

The Frontenac Tour river boat is flat, stable , environment friendly, wheelchair capable , seats up to 16 passengers.

Our skilled Boat Captains will inform and entertain everyone on your adventure.

All tickets must be purchased in advance.
$20.00 to guarantee seating.
Walk ins allowed if there is room.

Private tours available.


Canada has many diverse regions and river systems. River Canard is Canada’s truly most southern river system with its unique bio diversity. The Detroit River is actually NOT a river but a straight.

The local First Nations people that called themselves “Wendats” (mispronounced Wyandotte) called River Canard “TA-RON-TE”, which literally means, “trees rising or standing in the water”.

Farther upstream after heavy rains, the river will flood, spilling into the fields and wooded valleys, thus flooding entire forests, hence the term is most accurate- trees rising from the water.

River Canard has a unique biodiversity of vegetation and wildlife like nowhere else in Canada.


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