Art to Artifacts, Summer 2019

Amherstburg has their share of attractions and to add to this collection of things to do are exhibits, showcasing art and artifacts for a limited time.

In downtown Amherstburg the Park House Museum is proud to display their new exhibit “History of Photography: Amherstburg Then & Now.” This exhibit captures how photographs have evolved over decades and the role they play in our society now and in the future. View the archival collection of what Amherstburg looked like then and now, thanks to the lens. This exhibit is live from July 2 through to September 26th during regular museum hours.

Park House Museum

Petal Perfect by Lorraine Moon

The Gibson Art Gallery has three spectacular art exhibits lined up for Summer 2019. Starting in July, celebrate spectacular gardens and flowers as local artists showcase their art pieces highlighting the blossoms of our region. The exhibit is open July 1 through July 28, 7 days a week.

Their Colour and Movement art exhibit features the work of artists Hazel Riley and Vivian Klinck. From July 30 through to August 26 at the Gibson Art Gallery view the collaboration of art between the two women in their exhibit of Essex County’s fields and wild landscapes. Riley’s art has been inspired by her country of origin, Trinidad and Tobago, and Klinck’s art stems from her love for oil painting. This exhibit gives a beautiful perspective of our region, filled with an array of colour and rhythm.

As we slide into the end of summer, check out some of the latest work of artist Dennis K. Smith at the Gibson Gallery. His artwork is “Assemblage” style, which is referred to as “an art form or media that consists of three-dimensional elements projecting out of or from the substrate.” Smith’s featured work displays both two and three dimensional pieces. His assemblage of shapes create both impactful and exciting paintings that are a must see! The Gallery will be open, Thursday-Sunday 11am-5pm during this exhibit, August 29-September 22.

Blockhouse Display

The Blockhouse on Bob-lo Island is home to the last remaining Blockhouse in our region. Thanks to its renovation and restoration, it closely models its original 1839 design. The Blockhouse artifacts are displayed on two floors of displays, photos and relics found under and around the building during its restoration process. Learn and explore local history at the Blockhouse every Sunday 1-5pm until fall 2019.

Like all good things, exhibits don’t last forever and saving the dates on what sparks your interest is key!