Art to Artifacts, Summer 2020

Amherstburg has their share of attractions and to add to this collection of things to do are exhibits, showcasing art and artifacts for a limited time.

In downtown Amherstburg the Park House Museum is proud to display their Boblo Island exhibit. This exhibit is their part 2 form the exhibit they had going on in November. Go examine the pre amusement park era of Boblo that looks at aboriginal lands and British military presents. This exhibit is live as of July 2 during regular museum hours.

Park House Museum

Artist Madison P J Young

The Gibson Art Gallery has three spectacular art exhibits lined up for Summer 2020. Starting in July, celebrate spectacular oil paintings by local teenager Madison P J Young. The exhibit is open June 9 through July 5, 7 days a week.

Their CAPRCIOUS Chapter Two art exhibit features the work of artist Mariano Klimowicz. From July 6 to August 2 at the Gibson Art Gallery view the collaboration of fine art that Mariano has been mastering for over half a century. The recent body of oil paintings captures the character and emotional response to human reaction form a large number of life experiences. This exhibit shows that fine detail really matters; there is playfulness, vivid colours, and subtle skilled brush strokes. Art that is truly endearing.

As we slide into the end of summer, check out some of Elizabeth MacDonald, Denise Antaya, and Wendy Matassa’s spectacular work. These three artists embrace what Mother Nature throws at them by creating works of art as diverse and beautiful as the scenery around them. Go check out their work at the Gibson Art Gallery from August 3 through the 30.


Blockhouse Display

The Blockhouse on Boblo Island is home to the last remaining Blockhouse in our region. Thanks to its renovation and restoration, it closely models its original 1839 design. The Blockhouse artifacts are displayed on two floors of displays, photos and relics found under and around the building during its restoration process. Learn and explore local history at the Blockhouse every Sunday 1-5pm from May 3 until fall 2020. For more information or to make an appointment call Bill at 519-713-9405.

Like all good things, exhibits don’t last forever and saving the dates on what sparks your interest is key!